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Thats it. Weird, funny, nerdy. . .With a hint of sexy

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all of the above. i think everyone (& each one of these sorts of people) has the potential to be cool in some way or another... but it will always come down to the likes of an individual person & what they perceive as being 'cool' enough to be classed as cool in their eyes.

i hope that makes sense!

for instance...

the weird person might have a special talent that no-one knows about & people might perceive him as being weird. they might just be very individual & to me thats always cool. i like different.

the nerd might have produced a game that we all like, or they may even be able to fix something that is broken that we use from day to day. the may just have exceptional knowledge on everything period! but the nerd may not care about looks or fitting in with people because they are too busy focusing on & learning these things & producing the skills needed to do them, so in turn....they are sometimes not looked at as being cool... because what is socially the norm & what is socially excepted is not what they always do. they tend to be hermits & sometimes if you are not into the things they are into, they are harder to understand then most.... but they also tend to be alot nicer then most human beings! :)

funny people are cool too but if they never take anything seriously thats when it begins to be a problem. they are great to have around when you feel like crap but even better when you feel good. it's like being on a high because you laugh so much.

i guess these are my perceptions of these people & why i think they are all cool or can be cool but my answers for each & everyone are very under-detailed because the question itself is so vast... or can be so vast...

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Cool - Fonzi

Weird - Yankovich

Funny - the ability to tell a joke without using profanity and have everyone laughing hard (Sinbad)

Nerdy - Ummmmm, me.

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All of the above!

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