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Do you have a sequence? first mail, whiteboard, story, blog,... how is it?
floatingintheocean floatingintheocean 26-30, F 4 Answers Nov 27, 2010

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Mail first!

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My order can vary, but typically I check to see who has written to me since I last looked. If the e-mails are short, I'll usually answer them right away. If they are longer I tend to read them right away, but then come back later to answer them. I'll call up random question just about anytime and if an idea comes to mind right away I'll answer it. Sometimes I'll find a question compelling, but I'll feel I need considerable time to think about my answer first. Sometimes I get back to it and sometimes I don't. I do admit if I notice it's time for a new question of the day and caption of the day, I often leave whatever I'm doing and check those out.

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Login, check mail, go to q/a, lol, rofl, lmao, send mail, log out.

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