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Me being with my boyfriend for almost 3 years before he left for bootcamp. Now it's been over a year with him being in the United States Marine Corps. We've gone through so much before it all, and even more through it all. We've split apart, I thought I didn't want it anymore, etc. But eventually realized that he is everything I need and more. We've matured and grown so much since my 14, his 15, year old selves. I'm incredibly blessed to still have this man in my life, for I love him with every pinch of me. Oh how lucky I am to realize this before it was too late. I want to know people's expeirence, partically MILso's who are around 19, early 20s. Fill me in, I'd love to know if i'm not the only one who dealt with and been through what I have. ooorah
amandallerena amandallerena 18-21, F Feb 14, 2014 in Military

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