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I think I have a wonderful spleen.

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My feet... walked the line with them many years. :)

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My back cause of the dimples!

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My lifelike skin & bendable limbs.

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My eyes because their sort of amber, which is rare. Oh, and my hair too:)

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I would say my love handles") and my hands.

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The nail matrix on my fourth finger of the left hand. Lol no I'm joking, probably my head because it's got my weird as hell eyes, which are different colors, I've got one green eye and one purple eye, they used to both be green but mum dad punched me really hard once and it turned on of them purple. My head has my brain too, and my mouth and ears which I use to see and talk...and other things...

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A purple eye?lol..

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Yep. Dad got mad cos I told him he shouldn't drink so much, and he started yelling at me. I called him a relentless, useless, lying son of a ***** who needs to shut his dirty mouth cos he was an ugly ******* rodent (I feel terrible for saying that, he's a bit of a peckerhead but he's not that horrible) anyways he socked me in the side of the head and my eye went all wacky and I saw stars and blobs, he was wearing a wedding band and that is what hit me. Turned the iris purple.

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Holy crap what a c-unt..I would have picked something up and hit him back :)

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I was going to but before I could my dog came flying out of nowhere and bit straight through the back of his knee. My good old dog, a 140 pound Irish wolfhound named Socks. My cousin tried to hit the dog with a shoe to get him off my dad so I beaned him over the head with a can opener, then called Socks to let go. I felt bad cos I love my dad...but whatever.

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Irish wolfhound that's mad :P Awh socks loves you :)..don't feel bad your dad should never have hit u..I remember when I was 10 I was at the dinner table once and I ate something really hot and I spat it onto my plate again..made my dad so angry he said if I did it again he'd hit me so hard I wouldn't wake up again..what a thing to say to a child :/

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Yikes! Yeah that's no fun.

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My heart...followed closely by my eyes.

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this one's easy. My brain which recently earned me an engineering degree and My 7.1 inch long, 2 inch Diameter chocoloate ****. It has given me a very happy life thus far.

Merry Christmas.

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I'd have to say my **** since I play with it so much

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Eyelashes :D

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my pelvic region..

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my eyes

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my third leg ....

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Each part is important in its own way. I don't play favourites.

But If I had to, I'd say my fingers deserve some credit.

My brain is tired

It needs a nap

Gonna let the fingers

Do the talking

Oh.... brain needs a nap?

well, what about us?

we hope you won't think

we're making a fuss

but you know that we

do all the hard stuff

and we're taking this time

to say "that's enough.

whenever she sweats

we wipe it off

we cover her mouth

whenever she coughs

we do all those nice things

like picking her nose

and cleaning the lint

from between her toes

we change poopie diapers

and wash dirty hands

wipe snotty noses

and handle wet pants

we open all doors

in all public places

where we get stuck

is enough to disgrace us

when she opens a flip top

you know without fail

one of us is bound

to break a nail

we're in hot water

more than we're not

we're so water logged

we're beginning to rot

when brain wakes up

we're going on strike

we'll take a break

'til she makes things right

from now on we want

no more nail-biting

and surgical gloves

for any a** wiping

OOOHHHH...., hi there brain

we see you're awake

we hope you enjoyed

your nice little break

yes, we're ready to work

oh? you've read what we wrote

aahhh, don't sit on us now

it was all just a joke.

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My legs, love them haha especially in high heels : )

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I like my eyes mostly because my eyelashes are pretty long :)

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My Eyes. My only attractive feature.

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