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It has nothing to do with looks. Beauty, like a flower eventually withers and fades. It's the heart that defines what you are and lasts forever. That is what attracts me to an ideal person.

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Hair: long and messy golden brown (she calls it "dark blonde")

Eyes: ocean blue

Figure: slim, but not too skinny

Personality: can be moody, never stops loving, doesn't mind my issues, loves me for me.

And I have her, the perfect girl.

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Halle Berry naked and waiting at the door. Nothing else matters.

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I mentioned her on my answer too.

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The one that says yes.

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I don't have one.

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My ideal girlfriend has:

hair color - blonde or black

eye color - blue or black

personality - optimistic, easygoing, understanding, feminine, curious

I want my ideal girlfriend to be like celebrities such as Halle Berry, Nancy O'Dell, Maria Menounos, Ciara, and/or Shakira.

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personality and attitude come fist, nothing like a bitchy woman.

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