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To smile :)

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Just do it, take a chance.

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Go get that dress that was in the window, and wear it on a date with my wife.

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it doesnt matter. the louder evil voice talks louder and so much more often

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It tells me that I should try my best in educating myself

to conduct a good life.

I must educate my children and encourage them to

educate themselves and their children to conduct

a good life.

My family should also participate in educating other

children for the same purpose. Education of girls

should be given higher priority, because they will

become mothers and first teachers of their children.

This, and this alone, will create a better world for all

people, especially the poor people who are suffering

for centuries.

Without education no problems will be solved and

each individual life cannot be transformed. Education

will enable each individual to create transformation

from inside, with new vision, new thoughts, new way

of free and independent life.

Yes, universal education for all children is most

important, most essential, most urgent.

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that i have work to do.By

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like the lil train that could i think i can i think i can

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Get rid of him...Do it now!...Hes not looking. No one will see. He did bring it on himself. Youre just trying to make the world a better place. Ok now while hes tying his shoe

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