This year is the first Christmas I will have my husband at home since we were married in 1981. its going to be strange to have him at home, his mother and my mother will be here this is only the third time since i married I have spent with my mother, Its going to feel strange to not have his father running things here, I am trying to get my husband to bury the hatchet with his father but I get the feeling if there was a hatchet any where around my husbands father and my husband at the same time now it would be buried in his fathers head, his mother is planning to come out on a permenant basis leaving his father to handle his friends himself, She wants no more part of his friends and society. she wants as she says to come back home, now that my mother and sister and her husband live right across the road. I am redeveloping a new relationship with them, My sister children will be here her daughter, and son who just started training as a paramedic for smoke jumping and her daughter who just started as a civilian interpreter for the air force. I oriental languages. She works over on the western side of the next state down. It will be a day of travel for her, As for me this will be my second Christmas with my son the first with his father. Last year I delivered in a very late life pregnancy on the east coast, this is every ones first Christmas here I think it will look like a Christmas card. with all the pine around. maybe even the Elk will be around this year, A nice fire in the fire place. we have seven turkeys in the freezer enough beefalo and beef to supply us for the next year along with chicken and frozen bread dough as well as half a hog, and tons of veggies. So there will be lots of new traditions to start. I think his father would come if my husband would break down and allow it, I am going to try and make peace between the two of them some how. because there has to be something about the season that is peace making. but his father would have to agree to abide by his sons rules, and I don't see that happening, even his sister say her and her family are coming out, I hope that the fifth wheel we bought out will fit someone warmly because if everyone comes we will run out of room. I think even his brother from Tennessee is coming out if their father comes. There are many hard feeling still from this summer, My mother in law will se her grandson for the first time. I don't know how much my mother will like that since she has bonded so hard with him. My husband has a lot of things to do here for any kids showing up like an x box a good satalite TV system several computers two horses to ride if its not to cold and the scenery is magnificent from here, but the society is a little thin. The closest neighbors besides my mother and sister are 25 miles away so it is probably going to be family only. On Christmas I intend to have a tree cut out of our forest out back and decorated. I have several out in the yard that we can string lights to and I look forward to trying to be a beacon in this wilderness. I just wonder if animals would run from the lights at night or huddle around. When I started to think about the new traditions I want to have, I sort of thought about the thought of doing them without the benefit of planning a party, like I did for many years for his father, I guess it is my husbands turn to have something he can call his this will be the first Christmas that he will get something besides a paperback book for Christmas. the first he will have with me and he will do the bird of course. every Christmas he has done the cooking without benefit of getting anything but two sandwiches out of it same with thanksgiving all I usually had to do was get it all out of the stove and arrange it after he went to work. for the next 16 and a half hours on holidays.
So I have to say I also look at this year with some fear. I don't really know how to not plan for less than thirty people now.

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