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Basically, my current career is that of an industrial electrician. Looking around, I see my career options dwindling before my eyes. It's kind of like being the guy that made the horse buggies back at the turn of the twentieth century. Someone out there still makes those buggies, but there aren't all too many of them.

I've been going back to school working on a second BS in Computer Information Systems. I fear I may have made a mistake as I see graduates of that program relegated to very low paying help desk positions while the higher end jobs such as programmer or systems analyst is being outsourced to India.

What I really would like to do is change careers from heavy industrial anything to becoming a DBA. I loved working with Oracle and MySQL. I would love to learn SQL Server. I also wouldn't mind working on the networking end. Unfortunately, I have no paid experience. No one will hire a late 40 something with a degree and no experience.

Maybe move on to a Master's degree?

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hmmm... but why wud u want to leave behind indutrial electronics.... its a pretty good field... and een high paying... my bro is doing great!.. compared to networking... which ofcourse isnt that well paying and thers lot of competition and young blood in it... u can do on the side something in the field...but better to not change career at this time.. step wisely

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Agreed on the step wisely. Unfortunately, the state I live in has been bleeding industrial jobs for over two decades. There really is nothing left. To make matters worse, my first BS is in Industrial Technology. I'd say that makes me a glutton for punishment.

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may be time to change country... uae is big market for industrial jobs and so are many other... developing countries... no need to feel bad abt past decisions... they probably were right for that time... best wud be to look around well and keep moving:)

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You're right. I do have some industrial networking experience. That tends to be more specialized and usually requires a BS in electrical engineering or electrical engineering technology.
At my current facility, we spent four years as a solo, do it yourself type plant. As such, I was the de facto systems admin for the facility. I've tried to use that as experience, but have been told it really doesn't amount to a whole lot.
I'm also a member of a couple of different organizations where I've been asked to build a couple of MySQL databases. They were small and the interfaces I developed were really simple compared to what 20 year pros develop. However, it was real world experience for me. Again, I've been told that doesn't count for much.

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I am a student studying environmental health technology

I think that career change is a good thing. Most people do these days.

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I'm currently a student. I'm at the top of my class...I guess that's a qualification..? Of course people can change careers! Why not?

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qualification means the degree... subjects... grade etc.wat wud u like t go in?

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