In 6th grade I won a peeps eating contest I felt pretty damn proud
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I was never taught math properly in school and was a bad kid so teachers gave up on me I started getting serious in school in 7th grade but couldn't do or understand math

In highschool for freshmen year I gave up because I thought I had no chance of graduating high school

I went to a smaller school and a teacher there showed me I could do math before her I failed the exit exam 5 times only the math portion of the test

After she taught me how to do math I missed the test by one point and on the final try that determined rather you could walk the stage or not I passed it

She showed me with the right teacher I could learn math

Before my grandma died I promised her I would granduate high school I got to keep my promise to my grandma the exit exam was the only thing stopping me

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first day of community college

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I ran longer than all the skinny ******* in off-season.

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