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Demonic symbols, everywhere. Didn't even watch on TV. It's for the rich and evil anyways.

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I was on the fookin' no-fly list, Mate.

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Partly pollution: they don't call London, 'The Smoke' for nothing

Mostly a 30" TV with red button to choose from the full alphabetic list of sports

Even @ giant public screens, ya can't choose, but have to watch BBC jingoistic choices, which are against the true Olympic spirit of encouraging excellence in all the world's youth

Likewise jingoistic newspapers focus on UK failures & frustrations rather than celebrate the best of each event to inspire folk into fitness programs

I was in a champ MMA team in my youth & go to gym 4 times weekly

TV coverage should slo-mo the actions of all winners to celebrate what the human body can do with discipline & dedication

Btw, did ya know that many host cities & nations have had huge financial losses thru it?

& yet the politicos claim vast commercial benefit as a mask for their own egos: what were they thinking by charging a prohibitive £1600 & even £2012 for some seats?

The People's Games?

Shows that to Cameron, Clegg & Osborne, only multimillionaires are human

& the rest of us are mere slaves, plebs, peasants, oiks, etc, yes?

I thought Women's Soccer USA vs Canada was the most exciting footie game I've ever seen, but did UK media celebrate it?

But I'm not a footie fan - unless it's groovy babes playing

Women's Beach Volleyball has been my fav sport

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Human beings and patriotism.

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Sadly i don't have that option..

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awful traffic and costs are too high!

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Too much chaos, I was going to go down for my birthday, had to rearrange my plans because it clashes with the Olympics. *sigh*

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Don't come, have a lovely birthday don't let the olympics stop you from doing whatever u want.

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Birthdays been and gone, I'm hoping to go down once it's all over.

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Well, at least plane tickets and hotel prices will be lowered.

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The surface too air missles that are set ontop of that one apartment complex roof. Who would have thought people would become that scared too go jogging on tv

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Don't have one. I'm flying out there next weekend.

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