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year in cleanup costs and legal fees? Transcanada has a problem with leaking and exploding pipelines. Like every other major oil company, they don't pay for any cleanups until after years of litigation and lawsuits. Recent estimates are that the Keystone XL Pipeline would cost the US Government approximately $500 to $750 Million per year in cleanup and legal fees. Seeing as the construction phase of the Keystone project is only estimated to create around 1800 temporary construction positions, and the company has admitted in their own documents that once the pipeline is completed there will only be about 30 full time positions supported by the pipeline, doesn't that seem like an enormous waste of money?
CartoonishSuperVillainy CartoonishSuperVillainy 36-40, M 1 Answer Apr 10, 2014 in Community

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A well-funded bad idea? Why am I not surprised? Like the war in Iraq... a well-funded unnecessary war by oil lobbyists and their right-wing payees in Congress.

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