List the various tasks on EP in the order you visit them. * Check PM * Check Answers to my questions * Post New Questions * Reply PM * Send PM * Add New People * Spam Stalk List & then how you go about on Cruise mode.. & when do you decide to log out.
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I log in

If I have messages; I will respond quickly

Check my alerts, and see what gifts,gestures I received, who commented on my stories, answers, or answer questions. I comment on the story comments, and answers.

check question of the day; and If I can answer; then I'll answer.

do daily surveys

last check my friends activities.

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Check notifications, stalk my EP friends's activity and dive into Q&A. :/

And do whatever afterwards.

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Watching the posts and comments to me and also the list of new friends. Then I go for questions and answers sessions. There if I like any questions I answer them all.

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Thanks for BA

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Q & A, reply to those who have PM myself. Thank Question asker's for recognitions of answers. Sometimes I read confessions. Then I return to Q & A...

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Close all the ads

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I turn my Leap Frog off and then I go directly to EP's Q&A.

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Check notifications or messages then see who is online,then click on questions page.

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Check PM and reply

Check answers to questions

Read current questions

See which friends are online

See who is on Meebo Instant Messaging and maybe chat with a friend.

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Click on the questions page

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