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I'll tell you why. There's a thing called the 'lock and key' analogy. Imagine girls are locks, and boys are keys. A lock that can be opened up by any key is a crap lock, but a key that can open up any lock - that's a master key.

But let me explain. There are some pros and cons of everything. For us guys, a pro for us is that we can have many female partners in our lives, and be considered cool for it, while women would be looked down on. HOWEVER, us GUYS have to do all the work when it comes to courtship. Research shows only 10% of the male population is desired by 90% of the female population. Which is fantastic, if you're in the top 10% (think wealthy, high social status, good looking, buffed, etc). What about the other 90%? They struggle to find anything, while most girls usually have at least a few suitors available at any given time. So basically...

a guy who can get many girls has something going for him, whether it be looks, social status..and is a 'successful' man. Whereas a woman who has many lovers, hasn't really had to 'work' hard or do anything to pick up. And that, is why it is not cool for a woman to sleep around. (Just so you guys know, I'm actually staunchly opposed to premarital sex - in both sexes).

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Only we people can change that.

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actually hes called a man whxre and I wouldn't touch him with a barge pole even if he payed me a billion...

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I was marry too an Ex-hooker.... but she pass away....

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The lover is assumed to be non-committal, almost magnanimous. A female "player" is seen as tainted and lacking self-worth. It's as if the Lover is providing a wonderful service for those who can accept sharing him, while the active woman is pathetically seeking acceptance where she can get it. Maybe

it's the seed-sower/ fertile ground thing.

it's the Seed-sower/fertilesoil patch tg

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it's a double standard that's existed for hundreds of years. Without contraception in mind, a woman can only bare one man's baby at a time. blah blah blah

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"A key that fits many locks is a good key, but a lock that opens to many keys is a bad lock."

Hahaha, not my opinion, but I find it a funny phrase.

I think it's the leftover influence of previous generations.

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Yaeh! It happens due to society and hipocrates all the world.. This is unfair to all views and regards respective views of women right..

any men or women are equal part of the society.. But this kind of disequalities make a bad statement of the society..

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