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When I hit adolescence. That's when my mom says I stopped being "so easy to get along with".<br />
lol<br />
There just came a day when I stopped being everyone's doormat and feeling responsible for everything that happened. Not to mention making so many allowances and trying to cater to everyone else's issues. I stopped being "old faithful" when it came to doing jobs that no one else wanted to do.<br />
A tiny bit of that martyr mentality remains, but now I am AWARE of it, and choose freely, not because I will feel pressured or will feel guilty if I don't carry the burden. <br />
Quite liberating.<br />
(Mom still complains about it though. She swears it was hormones.)

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Not quite there yet but getting there..definately becoming more assertive when dealing with others.

Best Answer's not always them. It's sometimes me too. I still have much to learn in this life. I will admit it when I'm wrong, and just ask for the same in return.

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