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All I could see was the martians from sesame street... yeeep, yepppp, yep. I know, totally random :)

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WE are the aliens..........beam me up scotty.

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1. Move Shake Drop - Pitbull

2. Fergalicious - Fergie

3. Krazy - Pitbull

4. Yeah 3x - Chris Brown

5. Move Your Body - Beyonce

6. Wobble

7. The Wop

8. Gas Pedal

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well, if/when aliens check out our planet, if they look upon democrats, they'll decide that there is no intelligent life on this planet and leave us to be destroyed by the dems...

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it isn't found on other planets... it's in another realm entirely outside our limited existence...

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my thoughts will be "I toldja so;" I don't need anybody to discover extraterrestrial life -- I am already aware of it!

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Somehow the religious people will claim it still doesn't disprove the Bible.

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They will say, hope you are not Americans

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