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I have a 1999 Honda Accord that I have owned for almost a year. it hasn't given me major problems expect few things that needed to be fixed that where not major.However it seems like the body might be falling apart.its starting to get rust, the hood won't close and today the gear switch came apart when I was trying to switch gears in a parking lot.I have grown attached to this car but now I am loosing confidance in ut that it might leave stranded one of these us it time to start shopping for a newer car.Not brand new but something that's a year or 2 years old?
cunning78 cunning78 26-30, F 5 Answers Apr 23, 2014 in Hobbies

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I have similar issues with my 2001 car. They only last so long. But newer vehicles are so expensive. I wish you good luck in whatever you choose to do.

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Not a bad idea to start looking. The accord is generally viewed as a decent car, but mechanically, things start to wear down after 15 years...

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After its on 100,000km plus.

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