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Mal9093 Mal9093 56-60, M 7 Answers Dec 14, 2010

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Always that way with boys. Who ever has the biggest wins. What is won I don't know. Their brains are in their Hanes.

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The question I am compelled to ask is: What is the Weight Factor of the Load Bearing Platform Material, of this building. And, what kind of force would it take to break that Camels Back???? I'm going to make a prediction: One day, in the not to distant future, that building shall collapse, from "Material Fatigue".<br />
<br />
In other words, it is the tallest political height of any building in the world. This is Madness, to build buildings this high. What if there is an Earth Quake. I would like to read the Design Engineer's Disclaimers. And, an Insurance Report.

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