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Only when you or your loved ones or other "innocents" under your protection are threatened and best judgement compells one to act . At that point your actions should be swift and terrible .

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Even in war, it is not legal to show violence to prisoners.

Even in prisons, violence is also forbidden.

Even with criminals, they must be judged fairly at tribunals.

Violence can never be justified in human societies

as well as with animals.

Violence is only uncontrolled and uncivilized acts

in anger, in vengeance, in ignorance.

Human beings today are learning to consciously become

pure, kindly and radiant in heart.

We are really fortunate to adopt and practice this education.

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violence is never justified

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If someone was to hurt my child (and or family) I would resort to all actions I could do to keep him safe. I would change the description to defense not violence. Being close to the Sandy Hook tragedy I wish that that the school had the ability to use "defense" to stop the violence that happened. One shot of defense would have stopped more violence and saved innocent lives. Maybe one of these days we will have the ability to defend ourselves which may discourage the actions of violent people.

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changing violence into defense in this context also changes the view. I agree with you.

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video games

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1 Self defense

2: War

3: When hunting the "Wanted Dead or Alive"

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At a football match ( soccer ) On or off the pitch

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when one side of your mind is at friction with the other

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