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If your gut tells you there is an underlying meaning beneath words spoken, there probably is. Usually when people say they have been thinking of you, they are expressing surprise that the thoughts have resulted in an unexpected connection. Otherwise, the message might be, (A) "I want you to know that I care about you and I have used this white lie to hold the door open between us," or (B) "You have reminded me that I haven't been responsive to you and I am using this white lie to make you think better of me because (1) I want to mend my ways, or (2) I want to move on without the bad Karma of what is sure to be your continuing disappointment.

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They mean they never called cause they don't want to be committed. But now that they're around, they wouldn't mind having a quick affair.

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It means they have thought of you many times. Nothing more, nothing less.

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either they have been in love with you or they still are.

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I think of Murderers in Gaol

Drinkers in Pubs


Kids on Bicycles

A L L T H E T I M E !!

But, It Means N O T H I N G!!

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That's kind of self explanatory isn't it?

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