Among other things, my father taught me that I should make sure to do that.
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Always expect it, never ask for it...adore any man who does. :)

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This is probably a throwback to the days of the horse and carriage, when the man would stand or walk on the road side to protect the lady from splashes from the wheels in the ruts in the roads. It also serves to reduce the chances of someone grabbing her purse etc.

I stiil do it when i am wlaking with my wife and children, but in the case of children, it also serves to stop them from straying onto the road!

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Aw! I never knew this was a thing, but my boyfriend of three years always swings me over to the side away from the street when we're walking together. I keep forgetting, and he keeps guiding me over there. So cute. I love it

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I loved it when a boy did things like that. My sister's father in law stood up whenever a woman entered a room. He was the most elegant, beautiful man, he is very much missed in our, go for it! Hopefully, there are girls out there who will recognize the gesture for what it is.....extremely gallant.

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laughing at downtownlakids answer..

that is the correct reason..and yes..its a little suicidal

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was taught they belonged on theinside in case a cr jumped the curve to protec them

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i piggy back ride on their back.

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I was always taught to do this and always did... amongst alot of other stuff...

But now that I am a little older... I won't do it...

For the same reason that if I was on a boat that was sinking...

I would say children first, but then find myself a boat after the kids where safe.

As for the women........we are equals.... and that means that a mans life should be just as important aswel.

Looking back... most of the **** I was taught was how to serve women....

Which would be fine if it was mutual.... but it's not or at least very rare.

So chivalry has become a form of slavery and that is part of the reason it is dying...

Men are starting to wake up... and let go of that silly crap. Much to the displeasure from the same women who scream for equality. :)

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i heard this when i was a kid it was considered part of polite behavior or something... etiquette, that is the word. i am more practical. i only do that with small children, to keep them from darting off into the street. they do always try to kill themselves at the most unexpected times.

i know that at other times in history, the etiquette had a practical reason -- for a couple centuries or whatever it was fashionable to carry a sword or sidearm and considered impolite to face it on the side of the person you were walking with -- they tend to bump into other people because they stick out from your hip. times change, and so does etiquette. i think this one is mostly forgotten, in whichever version.

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Almost all the dudes I dated did. :3 My ex said "I don't want you getting snatched by a perv." and I was like "...okaaaay "

I don't position myself there. I mean sometimes I'll be away from the street but I won't be thinking about it.

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don't really pay attention.

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