No safety net, no 'bank of mom & dad'. It's your problem, time to sink or swim.
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When I realised that I hate my parents so much that I wish they were dead and I were an orphan... *sob-sob*

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Aww, honey. :(

I sorry you feel that way... If there's neglect then tell someone out of your immediate family & they will help you be free of it.

But if it's just teenage angst (we've all been there) then it'll pass, I promise. Being a teenager is a crap heap of crazy there's no doubt about it, because it is truly impossible for others to understand you when you don't have a clue who you are yourself. The easiest course of action for you is take the advice of those who have been there before you until you're ready to take the reigns yourself. You're in a kinda chrysalis stage of life right now & to be honest I think it was more than a little unfair of nature to put so much on the heads of the young. But life's like that. It happens regardless... All the best to you, be safe, well, & I hope happy. :)

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