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My cat was having a fight with another cat, in my next door neighbors garden.

They had been growling and making noises at each other for about 20 minutes.

I could see them both, but I couldn't get to them to split them up.

Then, as I was watching over a very tall brick wall, standing on an old plant pot, they flew at each other.

And they bounced around, fighting each other for the next 5 or 6 minutes, screaming at each other

I was unable to get into the garden, and it was horrific to see.

I ran indoors, unable to separate them, grabbed a tub of water, and threw the water over the wall, hopefully towards the fighting beasts.

Well it worked - one cat went up one wall of the garden, and my cat came back indoors

And after all that fighting, he had a small tear in his ear, but he's a bit scared to go out now. !!!


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While I was watching my network sniffer logging my wife's **** habit. ;(

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When my husband took me to see The Passion of the Christ at the theatre right after our wedding. I couldn't speak for hours. He kept asking what was wrong. It was horrible, I couldn't speak as if I had no voice at all. I couldn't snap out of it until my dad spoke to me . HORRIBLE brutality. . Blood ... people deserve it... but not Jesus... I can't ever watch it again. My Grandmother has 2 copies of it but she won't watch them. I told her it was horrible.

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everytime mitt romney was talking

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i think that every time i watch tv

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A minute in to the second to last twilight movie... I was literally scared of the main chick more than the chick from the grudge...

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keeping up with the kardashians on thanksgiving

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