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Starting a new course of study. Anything I think is interesting. Shifts my focus away from myself and I learn something in the process.

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I turn off all the distractions, all the noise. Then I let myself feel the feelings, no matter how bad. I have found that feeling them cuts them down to size; it is running from anger that creates depression. I don't judge the feelings, I don't try to explain them, I just feel them.

Usually after a while of doing that, I can then see what it is that is really bothering me and then I can take action.

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Kittens. Yes, really. I used to visit the animal shelter and sit in the kitten room when I was sad.

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a hug, if i was lucky enough to get one...

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Helping and talking to others.

Listening to soft music.

And a good ol' cry helps, too.

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Nothing. It's times like these I think I need to be put down like a suffering animal.

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Sleep. But then I only really get depressed when I'm tired.

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Vitamin D

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Milk and cookies, curling in my pjs in bed and watching movies or tv.

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The knowledge that it could always be worse. That I can wake up in the morning and feel safe with the fact that I have food and water and shelter, that I dont have to fear for my life for the next 24 hours. Things like that. You have to be thankful for what you have.

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I like to dance as an outlet.

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when i'm severely depressed,nothing really. but it does help just to have someone takes the edge off.

when it's not so acute,sometimes music can help. what's hard is when i'm severely depressed,i don't want to eat (which definitely means it's severe,because i eat a lot from the chronic part of it) and i can't sleep and i just can't stand being here. that's when all that will help is someone else's kindness,sometimes merely their presence,which is a great kindness itself when you're depressed.

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well m depressed most often... then i do have a good sleep.. it always makes me feel better...just dont let your mind wander to negative thinking...resist the urge to think low....reading some positive thought do help.../.share your feeling with a trusted person....

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Absolutely nothing can help me when I am depressed.. which is plenty of the time because I am not around people for the majority of my day, unless I am in school, but now I am in this new school in a new state, and well... I have plenty of alone time to wallow in self-pity, or something like that...

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Go shopping or cut myself :`(

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Music does that...cuddling too:)

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hugs and chocolate

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The fact that God is in control... and that I actually benefit from the experience in more than one way.

I am able to provide an outlet to my feelings.

I am able to grow strong in my heart and the way I feel.

I am offered the opportunity to open up to someone and cultivate trust.

Learn to accept who I am.

Learn to make the most of things and take the good with the bad.

Learn about my inner self and my own basic needs.

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