This isn't just referring to physically harming yourself or others, I'm talking about all of it: lashing out verbally, going into an emotional decline, going into apathy and losing professionalism at your work, perhaps even losing your job, your health, your family, your friends. Do you seek professional help? Do you pray to a religious deity? Do you dial things down so you can cope with things better? If you do lash out, how do you repair the damage you've caused?
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I try to meditate on what my values and priorities would have me do, were I to adhere to them.

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I'm very tolerent to agrivation. I'm also very vocal about being pushed when at the breaking point. So if people continuously push after being warned, I don't hold back.

I make no attempt to repair the damage done. Life is too short to argue with idiots.

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When i reach my breaking point there is no stopping me.

But its always myself i hurt, never anyone else.

It may be with words, to another person, to hurt them.

But physical pain is all for me.

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I am the type of person that will try to view the violent thought from the other person's perspective. If I am angry, I feel the anger without action and I see what effect it would have on a person, object, etc if I were to do a violent, destructive action. I let that sink in for moment and then try to use this energy to do something constructive like cleaning, cooking, research online, etc. It can be hard but with practice, it can be done.

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For me, its always one or the other.. I have no idea how to stop myself from that!

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I'll go and punch somebody.

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