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the mechanic said that I should expect to smell it for about a week or so but I feel like that's weird..
vikesfan06 vikesfan06 26-30, M 2 Answers Mar 1, 2014 in Community

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If it's spilled onto the engine, yes. It will burn off eventually.

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is that bad for the engine though? and all I know is that there was a leak in the gasket and they replaced the front and back and I still smell it...I feel like there shouldn't be any smell after that, but what do I know

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take it to a self serve car wash and wash off the engine, be careful not to get the electical wet.
When you have a leak like that it the oil will go all over the engine block and when you will smell it as the engine heats up and burns it away.

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I don't want to wash it because im afraid i'll damage it lol

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Or you can buy a can of engine degreaser and do it with a hose.

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