Some days are just junk.. and you feel junk or maybe you found out bad news that bum the rest of your night. Where none of the usual things that once made you feel better just doesn't work. What would you do?
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Drink water. Then lay down and close my eyes n try to relax. If it doesnt helt eat soup

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Drink water and try to get some sleep. It changes my perspective.

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Not sure if this would work for others, but here's what i would do. I'd put on some very calming music (enya/enigma/ even ben harper would work haha) and then try and clear my mind and focus on my breathing. It'll feel like the LAST thing you want to do when you're pissed off and tired, but it's one of those things you've got to just make yourself do. because you won't realized how much better you feel until after you've made yourself sit down and do it.

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I focus on myself on those days.

I do something for me

I pamper myself... or my Soul...

I do what feels right to me (Art usually, a nap, a bath with scented sea salts, music I love)

I don't let other ppl have me or pieces of myself on those days (except making sure my son is taken care of because he comes first)

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Smoke pot.

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