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The questions and answers are reviewed by an independent panel of qualified judges whose term are not to exceed four years and can only serve two consecutive terms. The panel is comprised of ten members, who must be 28 years of age or greater. There are five alternate members. Best answers are determined by a 2/3 or greater vote. Split decisions are referred to another panel comprised of seven elders, who have final rule on those answers. The elders may also veto votes by a unanimous vote.

It's a complex system.

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It is the other people that read your answer and like what you said, and can also be the asker.

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sometimes I get that when I am the only respondent... and not even a heart to show for my effort.

weird stuff happens on EP.


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I know, right... it's so confusing.... I wish that eole who ask the questions would at least choose the best answer themselves.

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Sorry I have an iss ue with the P button.

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tHAT'S BAD.......... A p PROBLEM, oor youp. mx:)).... give me B.A. and all will bep fine mx:))

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