I had a crush on this guy in the past. As kids we were friends and play with each other. It's been so may years since then. I knew he had a crush on my cousin, so I was hesitant to open my feelings to her,that I like the guy that's crushin' on her! PRIDEchicken hehe.Through the years they have communication through text and a social network...oh my heart aches when I hear his name. I don't know if destiny is trying to put us together,because currently he lives near my place. My friends tease the both of us,and I don't like that! because I know he likes someone else,my cousin! Plus,even though we are both being teased,he doesn't react or says negative things. We don't even talk to each other! But when he looks at me or tries to catch my gaze,I can't look at him directly,I instantly look away (this happens so many times). I ignore him,but I sometimes feel confident when he's around(I don't know if unconsciously I'm trying to catch his attention or what). I suppress my feelings,since I'm focused on my studies. But I find myself suddenly thinking about him and dreaming about him so many times! Others might think that I'm obsessed but I'm not,just curious, I searched for our western and Chinese horoscope,and we're so compatible! that's why I'm having a hard time TRYING to forget him since he likes someone else. I might pass my soulmate or what haha! I'm not ashamed to admit that I have a hard time dealing with these emotions since I never had a boyfriend yet,and quite shy towards the opposite sex. Please,feel free to give some advice,EXPERTS come on rolling haha! Thank you! ^_^
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I think that your are really over heels over this person! That you've had feelings for a long time and it's fine to have feelings like that but I would ask him out and see what he say's instead of being shy or BEING SCARED!!!! OF BIENG

rejected you never know what the out come would be if you just give it a shot!!!!! If I was in your situation I would go for it and see what happens for say. GOOD LUCK AND WISHES YOU THE BEST HOPE YOU GET MARRIED TO THIS PERSON YOU LIKE HE MIGHT ME YOUR SOUL-MATE. ;-d

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thank you so much for your advice adreanj57! God bless ^__^

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no, dreams do have meaning

albeit right now i dont see it

personally i think u should just ask the guy out, but whatever thats just one guys opinion

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its possible that a comic or parallel universes could create this type of thing.

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Hi dreamsareuseful

No. There is no causal connection. If you see someone and smile and they smile too when they see you then there is a causal connection. Try that! It is important to stay real hey! Next arrange a date! Real see!

Best wishes


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Well it kinda depends... If you have a gut feeling or a connection of that person then yes. You gotta trust your intuition(:

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