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Both jock and nerd. Played all sports and was jr high salutitorian. In high school played 4 sports and was valedictorian.

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The person that smoked were she was not supposed to but you could also find me in the library so I don't rightly know if I fit into a category. I was just me

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I was the geek who sat in class reading Russian novels.

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Same as here in EP, the reject.

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Goth punk nerd reject, and still am.

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...I do believe the word "nerd" never existed prior, and was created the day I entered seventh grade, to describe me and those like me...

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Oh Randal, u r funny!! I love the way u wrote that. ;)

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I was always the new girl, for I moved around a lot.

I was also one of the sl uts for I lost my V before most.

I was a preppy.

I was very popular.

I was the loser.

I was the popular intellectual.

I was the loner.

I was the party animal.

I was the teachers pet.

I was the teachers worst nightmare.

I was the class clown.

I was the class representitive.

I was the emo kid.

I was the drop out.

I was the class artist.

I was the one who raised the bar.

I was the one sleeping at my desk.

I have been carried on peoples shoulders and cheered for.

I have hid in the bathroom stalls away from bullies.

I've been loved

and I've been hated.

I loved every minute of it and would have done it all again in a heartbeat!

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The Popular Norm. I was popular enough that plenty of people knew me, but I was a normal kid that didn't fit into any specific spectrum...since I hung out with all types (except Snobs).

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Jock and Popular. I was Starting Point Guard on my high school basketball team.

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I'm I guess a nerdish weirdo along with the rest of my games. I guess we we're called "normal" idk though

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I was a minority student, one of only a dozen white kids. I had to fight to survive until the baddest kid in school befriended me because he liked the way I stood up for myself

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The Scapegoat with slight elements of various sub genres.

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the loner who wanted to fit in with everyone, thus I did, with the jocks, nerds, drama kids, punks, rockers, goths indies and mostly skaters. but I never did adjust my ways and am still a lone wolf as they say.

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You are the one man wolf pack...

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I was a punk rocker/ metal head all threw Jr high & high school

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I was a cross between nerd and burn out.

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