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Haha I sweep everything in the room thats most messed up into a huge pile. Then sit down and sort everything into piles like ''bathroom pile'' ''bedroom pile'' haha. Then I pick the next room and do the same. You should probably start in the room that people may see first. Like in my living room today I was lazy so I didn't clean I just made the living room look descent.

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start with the room closest to the front door. if this is your foyer or living room, best get started on that. if the house gets too messy for me i always clean this area first in case someone shows up. it can be embarrassing to have a real mess to greet visitors with. secondly the kitchen is important. i dunno how much time you spend in yours or what it's like but if your visitors are likely to see it, best to get it cleaned. if you are expecting people over and can't clean up fast enough, make sure you clean the toilet and bathroom - never mind the bedrooms too much unless the visitor is a lover. heh. just keep the doors to those rooms shut if you have guests.

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When my whole house is a big mess, I grab some empty boxes. I start at the front door and go from room-to-room picking up the stuff that doesn't belong in each room. I put the stuff in the empty boxes. I end up with basically just boxes of random stuff. Each room looks less cluttered for now. Then, I sort through the boxes and put the stuff in the correct place. This works for me.

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top to bottom, otherwise once downstairs is done, you ll leave upstairs stewing. then just pick up as yopu go along, and it shouldnt get so bad again.........good theory anyway!!

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my house can look like a hurricane has been though it in a matter of hours.






always one room at a time until tidied and clean

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well you gotta start somewhere or else how would you ever finish just start where the mess is more and then work your way down the rooms where its less and less till youre all done its much easier when you have help

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Dishes first.

Clothes washing and put away.

Make beds.

Clean up clutter.

Clean floors.

Air freshener.

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I'd start with my room as it's undoubtedly the worst part of the house. After I sort the recycling, the rubbish, the clothes and anything that doesn't belong there, I'd sort through my papers and get them organised, then put a load (or three) of washing on and clean up the kitchen while waiting for them. Put them to dry in the dining room/hall area and clean that up after. Then the bathrooms would need doing. Ugh this doesn't sound fun. I might just sleep tomorrow instead :D

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Where you are standing.

Where the cleaning product is.

Where the garbage is.

Your closet.

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my room is always a mess sometimes when im done cleaning my room my lil cousins make a mess in my room.

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Trash. Start by throwing stuff away.

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