Why can't I just feel good?
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It's probably some sort of anxiety disorder. Do you know of a good psychologist or counselor? Someone who can help you work through these feelings of fear and learn how to control them.

---Dang, that's not fun. =(

Another thought:

Perhaps there is something in your past that has given you the belief that something bad is going to happen every time something good happens. You need to find that, whatever it is, and address it---you need to change the subconscious belief that you have concerning it. Yeah, I know that probably sounds a little weird and almost impossible, but there are ways.

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i do actually. we've went in circles for about a year or two.

i have uncovered a lot over the years and came to terms. there's one more thing that's beyond my grasp. i guess i'm not prepared for it just yet.

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This is Anxiety also your mind set doesnt believe that anythin good should happen to you please go and get some help

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lol, thanks. i've gotten all the help that's possible.








everything basically.

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It is proberbly An form of anxiety which has been used as a wall to refrain from being hurt so a pyshological defence mechanism, as when you have something good it always seems to disapeer and do a 180 resulting in negative outcome, this is perfectly ok for you to be fearful this will manifest and ultimatly warp your rationalisation of a situation. If you don't want to talk to a professional about this I would keep a diary write Down one good thing And one bad thing that's happened that day, then at the end of the month reflect. This will allOw you to understand suffering is a normal nateral factor of life, without suffering would you appreciate the good times so by accepting suffering or loss as a normal factor of life ultimately you will be more prepared for a period of suffering. This involves training of the mind to accept and cope with pain or suffering. I hope this helps (share your issues with someone you trust when you feel the time is right) as we are all fighting a battle it's just intolerance of suffering which lengthens the pain of the experience. I recommend reading the art of happiness by the dalai lama and Howard c culter :)

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hey am 26 years old i have a 3 year old boy. when we go some where i always think something will go wrong like we want to go to the see now i think if i just turn away he will be in danger or some one will steal him or he will jump of something , or we will get in a car crass and its not nice to think that your baby will die

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I feel like this right now. My partner has been sick for a long time an then we had a baby who is very healthy and happy. My partner has sort of gotten better in the last year and got a job, but now I feel as though everytime things seem to be going ok I get really scared. A therapist said it was a mild form of PTSD because I'm always waiting for the other ball to drop. I just woke up in the middle of the night and thought I might try to find solice in the thoughts and experiences of others.

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you like the sickness i guess its a rush keep your mind busy

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I feel that all the time. You are not the only one. This has become a social issue. It can't really change. Everything Affects us. Of course, I am trying my best to not let anything affect me, and most of the time it works. The key to curing that feeling is to not second guess ourselves. Feelings are only products or our way of thinking. If we do our best to change our way of thinking or the quality of our thoughts as some people want to call it. The feeling will change also.

We become what we think. Our behaviours are products of our feelings which are products of the quality of our thoughts.

Did I help at all?

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im the same way ,had so many bad things happen, when something good happens it scares me

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omg, i know right. you learn to not let your guard down too much because as soon as you do something bad will happen within your immediate surroundings.

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