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Interesting question. More to the point is that does PC have a place in society or is it useless and unnecessary.

Perhaps the problem is more about who benefits from PC and what change does it make to their experience. Being white and middle class I'm not really used to much rascism. So what do I know about it!!

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It never has! Think about your local city or county or state government. Lets use Chicago for an example, and lets call it the Daly era. Old man Daly was a crook but had so much influential pull he never got indicited for anything. Now that Daly Jr. is not running for this election Emmanual (O'bama corrupt friend) is running for Mayor. Washingtion dirty dealings are definitely going to get worse in Chicago if he wins.

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I am gonna check out ShanaRae's website but my personal opinion is that PC fell out of the civil rights movements in the late 1960's.

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