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Inside a dark room, in front of a bright screen

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I am on top of Borobudur

I gaze across the Java plain

Twelve thousand years of history

Are whirling around my brain

Built with fifty years of hardship

By the Buddha’s devotees

A temple of great splendour

Wafted by a jasmine breeze

The turning of a prayer wheel

Sounds out a mystic chime

Thus creating an illusion

Of a void in space and time

The gentle Sunda music

Permeates the atmosphere

Bringing back some memories

Of one who once was dear

Now sunset heralds nightfall

In the pastel Java sky

And I feel a mournful longing

For a life that’s passed me by

A beautiful Sumatran girl

Sits silent on my right

I take her hand and walk

Into the Indonesian night

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ERR mate lol

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why are you not answering me on meeboo chat?

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i dont use it dude...mesg us if ya wona talk ok merry christmas ;)

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