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I SIT and SIT and SIT and WAIT

In my office chair all day

Slowing watching the time pass

Wish five would get here so I can get off my "***"

Oh how I wish this economy was just a little stronger

So I didn't have to sit in this chair any longer

If I had money I would just quit,

But for now I'll just stay here and SIT...SIT...SIT

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How do you know I'm not hanging by my toes?

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"I'm sittin' on the dock of the bay

Watching the tide roll away

Ooo, I'm just sittin' on the dock of the bay

Wastin' time..."

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Oh wow this is the best question I've ever heard, I am so glad you always get question of the day!! How do you do it?! I' a chair. WOW

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In front of my computer =P

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in front of my computer

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Sitting on my arse trying to figure out just what the hell is going on here! LOL

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On a chair.

In my room.

Next to my comp.

Where else would I be?

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I sit on a chair, at home, in front of my laptop.

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Im sitting on what used to be called my face b/c they are confused as to which is which.

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I am sitting at intersection, wondering which way to go. I always seem to be sitting at an intersection. I can see where I have been, but not where I should go. All the signs say," This is the way, It is better here." But I have followed those signs before and only end up at another intersection with the same signs. And I can still only see where I have already been. Should I just turn around? I don't think I want to, I am not sure if I can. In all the other directions all I see is fog, with no hint as to what may lay ahead. Maybe I'll let the flow of traffic take me where it will. That way I can just sit and watch what happens. Maybe I should turn. I wish I knew, but I don't. So I think I'll just listen to the horns behind me as I sit at this intersection a little longer.

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On my arse, where else would one sit?

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In a chair at the kitchen table in Keystone, SD!!

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I am sitting in a room in the far back corner of the main house in my overstuffed recliner. My dogs, Mr. Meaner and Fellonie, are curled up around an propane oven like contraption I got set up to cook my dinner and take the chill out of the night air that graces this sweet little North Alabama town, this time of year. My Chair is positioned so that i can see out the widow, down the driveway leading to the state highway which borders the south side of the property, which is the beginning or end of Main St. on the west side of town. I can hear the traffic of the road and the R/R every now and then off to the east, the generator makes a low moan, as I have no electrical service or water for that matter from the local utilities after my buddy got electrocuted dead here about 5 yrs ago. Thats another story of my woe. My question to you given these clues is "Where am I sitting"?

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sitting on a couch...

... in my living room.

on this website. o;

& looking at pictures at places i've been.<3

*sigh* memories.<3(:

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not were i ant to be..............I miss trevor

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I'm sitting here in the lobby of the local jail!! Waiting to see if my step son will see me or not. He turned himself in yesterday for warrants (unpaid tickets). 20 yrs old. Been on his "I'm a man, let me screw up my life" tour for the last year or so. Hubby won't come see him ~ wrote him a letter tho. MOM is out of town. I've just been sick about this!! I'm proud he is handling his ****. I know we have to such out TOUGH LOVE. But mom's heart is crushing in my chest thinking about him in jail.


I don't know HE MAY NOT EVEN SEE ME~

if he does ~ what do I say~

I don't want CRY!!!

I know he DOESN'T WANT TO CRY!!!!

it's just a huge mess & HisWetWife needs a big drink & a cigarette

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I am sitting on my couch :) going through different sites that I am on

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SIT: silently sitting at my home..and watching all the thngs happening around in my home.. as 1st thing my exams are commencing from today.. so all the work will b done in these months to disturb me and make me SIT comfortably..

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