All my life we spent Christmas at my grandparents farm but grandma passed away and grandpa sold the farm and now lives in a nursing home, so now we spend Christmas at my dads and step moms, and then go to my aunty's and then also to my moms. We don't do much at home like sure we have a tree up and the house decorated but we are out visiting family and crashing there for the night.
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I will be spending Christmas at work. I'm sorry that your family gatherings aren't what they used to be. Perhaps you could try to rally your family together... arrange to have Christmas at your house, your Aunt's house... somewhere you can all be together again.

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shhhhh...its a secret...

home alone

in total denial that

there is anywhere else

I'd rather be...

keep the secret...

will Not be easy to pull off....


iswhatitis, clg

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well, if we are still here and not in survival mode- I'll be home with my daughter visiting me and I look foward to watching her play video games since i can't play them.

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I won't be doing anything for Christmas, but I will be spending Chanukah with my family.

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Nothing wrong with spending the night with family

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