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I'm looking for a website that I found from a site called "" or something that has guided me to a website that shows info of the culture in Japan and it had a section where it showed me a list of all the japanese anime shows with dates that were play/created from the past to the present. I think it was like chronology or something else. Does anyone know a website that fits with what I'm describing?
Diabolico Diabolico 22-25 1 Answer Mar 15, 2012

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Theres several sites to check , My Anime List is one of em.

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What anime list? Could you please try being a little more specific, if you don't mind?

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Sigh...... Dude, I meant a website that shows a long list of "ALL" the Japanese anime shows that was created from the past to the present with the years and dates beside them and shows info about the shows in the description. From 1800 or 1900 to 2012. -_-

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That I dont know but am willing to search then.

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