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huntingraven huntingraven 41-45 3 Answers Dec 19, 2011

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I don't know why you're leaving him. If it's because of abuse, get out. There are agencies that will provide you with shelter until you're able to make it on your own.

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i was gonna say the same thing. the op should check for resources in her area and work the program & options made available to her from there.

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been there done that- the money they give you is not enough to live on. sad but true- and I was working 2 jobs! they count how much money you get PRETAXED, and figure that into how much your benefits will be- when how much you ACTUALLY get is what should be counted. I understand why women stay- if you don't have a college education or a family member that will let you live with them rent free till you do- it's like trying to climb out of quicksand.

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