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I ran up my mom's credit card bill to $110. She seemed to forgive me yesterday then she goes on a rant again today.I stole money from my parents in the past when I was in elementary school to pay off people for bullying me.Now I'm 18. I got bullied from elem.-middle. In middle I stole my mom's phone,lied&ran up the bill. I've been troubled for a long time, I keep searching for something. My biological dad never loved me. My stepdad does though. I use to pick my scabs now I have scars on my legs.I don't have any friends, I never have. I do have a bf that loves me, but he lives 2 hrs away. He accepts me flaws&all.Ive seen 2 psychologist in my past&they helped. When I charged my moms credit card its like the devil took over my body. I had no intentions of ever stealing again, no matter what I was going thru.I tried to make myself feel better by buying cheap stuff of EBay.My mom hates me.She says I'm not sorry. &she can't trust me. I will NEVER do this again! I'm really serious.What to do?
TheSparksFly TheSparksFly 18-21 2 Answers Jun 28, 2012

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Talk with your mother.Tell her that you're sorry.Be honest,don't lie and don't steal again.

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you need to make amends<br />
as far as battling the demons inside ...<br />
it can be done, most of the time, by being aware of their interference

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