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I recognize how special the bond between us and our pets can be. I too, had uploaded a pet myself, which I would regularly interact with. 'Tiger' is a chihuahua/terrier mix and my family just celebrated his 9th birthday. <br />
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I'm very attached to Tiger, and I can only imagine that you're very attached to your pet--that's why over the last few weeks we've done our best to reach each and every pet owner to tell them at we can no longer support the EP Pets module on EP, however we don't want this to discourage you from celebrating the special relationship you have with your pet. Consider writing a story and sharing pictures within one of our many pet groups!<br />
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The decision to remove the EP Pets module was due to the fact that it had become a fairly unused feature, only used by a handful of members, yet it was regularly causing a number of glitches across the site. <br />
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I do hope that you'll join me in sharing your pet's story/photo in one of our many pet groups where you can tell the community about your wonderful bond.

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