can anyone give me ideas on where to go to get some??? preferably thick and prefold also list plastic pants pls
diaperdan95 diaperdan95 18-21, M 4 Answers Apr 8, 2012

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hhmmm ... I´d say in a shop ... lol

try this one -

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hi there i cout my terry cloth nappys and baby pants from the internet has i am adult baby you get them of the internet it is called happy to nappy the terry cloth nappys are thick and you can get every thing you need dummys bottles and all you baby things you need i can recmean the baby stuff for teens adults all the best from baby glencoe2

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yes, we can help you. because of my need to be diapered 24/7, our two teenage kids also enjoy being diapered 24/7 along with me. and we all wear SETS of REAL cloth DIAPERS with plastic or rubber panties.

if that's what you enjoy wearing also. let me know, and i'll give you our email address, or you can give us yours. from there we can refer our diaper and plastic panty sources, depending on what your needs and use are.


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Amazon, NHS website

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