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Hello Ms. XxJambersxX,

Contrary to common sense, darkness in light is way, way, way more possible than light in darkness!!

Why? Because electromagnetism IS light! All of the electromagnetic spectrum consists of photons of varying frequencies -- the tiniest sliver of which, the human eye can see as light -- even though it is all "light".

Taken as frequencies, in the number of oscillations per second,

AM Broadcast = 500,000 to 5 million cycles per second

FM Radio and TV broadcasts = ~ 100 million (10 to the 8th power) cycles per sec.

Radar = about 10 billion cycles per second (10 to the 10th power)

The "light" that we see = about 10 to the 15th power cycles per second

X-Rays = about 10 to the 18th power cycles per second

Gamma Rays from Nuclear explosions = about 10 to the 21st power cycles per sec

Gamma Rays from the Large Hadron Collider = about 10 to the 26th power

Gamma Rays from Cosmic Rays = 10 to the 27th power cycles per second.

So, you see ... that WE SEE only the smallest sliver of "what's all around us" in terms of real photons zooming around everywhere! If you need more proof, turn on any radio, FM, AM or shortwave, or TV, or GPS device, or wireless internet connection to "hear" what is zooming around all of us, all of the time -- yes, even when the room is dark, you can still turn on your radio and receive a signal!

So the absolutely true answer to your question is: "Darkness in Light".



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Literally? Light in darkness, figuratively dark in the light

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Option 1 EP Link

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light in darkness, darkness is only an absence of light

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light in darkness

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light in le darkness

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Mittons in all.

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Light in darkness..

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