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Ep hands down.

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when it comes to design, FB is more attractive and cleaner than EP.

FB gives me chest pain. EP doesn't.

most people in FB share their meaningless rant all the time and share you stuffs and news that you don't need to know. too many details about you and your personal life.

in EP people share their well-thought experiences, most people here are more mature and you read stuffs that can enrich you, and makes you able to learn why and how people became what they are now and this makes you more appreciative and makes you less judgmental. and you can stay anonymous and private.

quoting manyhills; FB people are not there to care about you. but EP people chose to be here to care about others.

So i'd say when it comes to quantity, FB wins. but if it's about quality, EP is far ahead than FB.

I'd rather be in EP.

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EP. FB is stupid. People stress about FB as though it was real life. People seem to feel compelled to advertise themselves like products. Ep is cool. People are more real with one another here.

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FB is a load of crap! EP is better.

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EP for me~


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