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I\'m 18 and I live with my parents and I\'m going to start uni in 2 months, I\'m trying to decide where to live... My options: A) Live with my parents, who will provide free accommodation, food, electricity, etc. I don\'t have to pay for anything and my parents will give me $150 a week. BUT my parents live 2 hours away from my university, so that\'s 4+ hours of travelling everyday, and bus fares cost about $100 per week. B) I can move out and live right next to my uni. If I live away from home I will receive some financial aid from the government, about $300 a week. I\'d have to pay for rent, electricity, food, etc. and this would cost about $200. If I stay with my parents I won\'t receive any financial aid. P.S. I know I shouldn\'t just rely on financial aid but I don\'t have a job, I\'ve been trying to get one but haven\'t been able to yet. Hopefully I will have one soon but I\'m trying to plan what might happen if I don\'t have a job. Also, if I decide to stay with my parents that makes it a lot harder to get a job. Employers near my uni don\'t want me because I live so far away and employers near my parents\' house don\'t want me because it takes me so long to travel back home...
nifflerwalnut nifflerwalnut 18-21 3 Answers Jan 9, 2014 in Parenting & Family

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You already know what you need to do. Take the financial aid and live on campus, then find a job.

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Live away from home, other than long vacations.

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