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Do girls like muscle? I look like a nerd and I'm wondering if having a bigger body would look creepy or cool or not. Currently I'm doing 50 x pushups per day and 15 x situps. (been doing it since the weekend and so far no noticable results...) I drink protein powder occasionally and my diet has some meat in it but mostly carbs and fat since I have a super high metabolism and other foods make me sick and lose weight. I eat 4,000 cal a day. Currently I'm 100 lbs my problem areas at the moment are arms (my arm span is 6 ft, I have way oversized arms and they look like noodles) and my back/torso..I have a very small frame which is unusual for the family and I'm wondering if it'll pay off.. also...i look kinda androgynous..and theres evidence that my lack of muscle is causing that
JohnT17 JohnT17 18-21, M 5 Answers Dec 4, 2012 in Health

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1st and foremost you should do whatever you're happy with. If you are comfortable where you are do not feel like you have to change for others. However if you do want to change, I suggest getting into pumping iron. Push ups and sit ups are a good warm up but if you really want muscle hit the iron. Good luck man.

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yeah i like bigger guys...i get creeped out when theyre skinnier than need to lift tho man if you want size...but ya kno everyone has diff taste

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