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Dreams are your subconscious mind dealing with issues you might have. Often times you don't even realize that it's something you have to think about or have been thinking about because you push it to the back of your mind. Dreams deal with those things. ... In my opinion.

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dreams tell you a lot about your waking life. if you look up interpretations of your dreams, you could find out something that your subconscious was trying to tell you and learn from it.

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Everything means something. The level of intensity that you choose to define it and the paradigm that you utilize to structure your examination will influence your explanation.

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I think this depends and it could go either way pending on how you view it.

Sometimes, someone dreams and has a memory of the dream. That has a certain physiological indication of how one's sleep patterns came about, and the Freudian explanation is that you awoke from that dream to realize something or contemplate something. There is a train of thought that says sometimes, a dream happens (and is remembered) due to the subconcious mind trying to find resolve to something or to deal with some fear, etc. In that context, I would say there is a lot of validity.

Now, there are those times in which one may dream, and they have absolutely no recollection of it at all. This denotes a more typical sleep pattern. Why we do that? That's a subject of debate and research. It's believed that most of us do dream, but we typically don't remember the majority of what we dreamed about. The Freudian explanation for that is that it's not of anything our mind sees as being important.

In those cases, dreams can have symbols for various things. For instance, if one travels in a dream, it could be a symbol that the brain creates subconciously to allegorically denote a desire to change something in one's own life, or to "move onward", etc. So in that aspect, with some thought, a given dream could be an allegorical story created by the subconcious mind.

Now, there is a discussion on this on a theological note as well. Yes, even the Vatican has pondered over this, and the teaching there is that there are often psychological reasons and physiological reasons for why someone dreams. However, it is also the belief that God being divine, the creator of those same processes could very well manipulate them to convey a given message. It is also believed that the occult entities of the supernatural can accomplish as much.

Having said that, not every last dream is necessarily something to be of divine intervention (cult or occult), but it is something that can't be entirely dismissed as being an impossibility. It is the belief based on Biblical writings that God can speak to man in dreams as was the case with Daniel.

Personally, I would have to say that some dreams I've remembered seemed completely non-sensical. I've had others that to me suggest there was some other psychological issue that manifested itself into an allegory of a very vivid dream. I've had those a number of times as well as countless others. There are in fact physiological and pharmocological explanations for vivid dreams.

I've also had some dreams in which I could describe as premunitions, and came to realize their frution years later. Deja vu has tended to indicate to me a change ahead (usually but not always for the better), and in some cases I attribute a certain amount of divine intervention to them.

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Sometimes mine are just nonsense but I've had some that I have vivid memories of when I wake up and they do have some meaning like realizing some fears I have at the time.

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