The rules are as follows: No more than six lines and it has to be YOUR work. Best poetry wins Best Answer so get going guys and gals! Oh, and the best answer will be chosen by me so that anyone with multiple accounts won't have a say, sorry!
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I want to get close to you like,

Shoes with laces.,

A nerd with braces and,

A sentence without spaces.

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I had no idea that EP harboured so many talented poets! That's good stuff laures16!

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very cool!

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I found a little piece of twine-

And decided right then to make it mine!

I named it Alice, and loved her so-

I tied poor Alice around my toe.

My twine is dead now...gees Louise!


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this one has to win :D

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Flippin' eck' Churchy! That's a crackin' piece of word-play! I'm all of a dither after reading that. Good stuff is that, bloody good stuff. A championship contender no doubt!

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The words just tumbled out of two minutes flat.

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Best answer goes to our Churchy for a sublime bit o' verse, nice one Churchy. There was some that came so close that, if I could, I would give a VERY close joint second to Coubert's poem and FistofLove's word's. Both were bleedin' fantastic! And a special mention goes to Vessa's second poem (A verse within a box). The elegance of it totally blew me away! I must have read it over and over at least six times, it was awesome! You were all far, FAR better poets than I ever could be, cheers!

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Running fast,

Looking back,

Hit that wall,

Feel that pain,

Get back up,

Off again.

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That was very random but I liked it. lol :)

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Because of how short it had to be, I didn't want to think to hard about it. Plus it's pretty much what my situation is right now, minus the "Get Back Up" part.

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Yeah, I like that Crisweb. Nice one. Succinct and to the point, well done!

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once i tried to chase a car

i didnt make it very far

the car was moving way too fast

and i stopped to scratch my a$$

i watched it as it sped away

i'll chase it again another day

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That's what my sex life use to be like.

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Nice, verrry nice. The standard of this little competition is a lot higher than I thought it'd be. A quality entry by bunnyhound there! Is it good enough to win? Watch this space!

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*sounds of laboured breathing as I choke on my tea*

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Lies I tell you, lies I know

I saw her, that w.hore of yours, stood like a crow

She screw with Jack and with Joe

I thought I f.ucked her along time ago

She told me to do it i said lets go slow

I am sorry to tell you but she gave me a blow

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That's dark HannahSDavies! Good as well. Very good! :)

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Needing the feel of something new

Veracity veiled by the morning's dew

Days reflecting many shades of blue

Repressed emotions slowly brew

Solitude nights reveal the truth

I'm haunted by memories of me and you...

M. James

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Is the 'M James' you? Is this your work?

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As the dove, flies above,

I feel yet, more in love,

As the tears, flow down my face

I remember, you're locked in space.

I'll see you, in a few

here's a gun, 3,2.................1

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This is an incredible poem to come up with at your age. Did you really write this? Honest now?

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Yes (swear on my life), even funnier, I've never been someone's partner in a love life. I won first place in a poetry contest last year for a poem called "The Sound of Love" I base it all off books I've read... and I'm a bookworm.

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I can make a rhyme

To satisfy a request.

Or because someone

Says I should try to get "best".

But there's more to a poem

Than would come on demand.

There's more to that art

Than will heed a command.

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Very true, very true. You're obviously very good at this kind of thing. But some people have managed to stay within the rules and managed to produce some shockingly good verse. :)

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A verse within a box,
A verse that isn't free,
Will rail against the locks
And sorrow for the key.

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Bloody 'ell, You really are the mutts nuts at this Vessa. It sounds so effortless to you as well.

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Tighter than your fist,

Your heart won't let you out.

Love it open, little one.

The world longs for

The song in you.

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That has quite a little profound element to it. You're all just so flippin' good. It's a pleasure to read all this stuff, it really is, thank you. :)

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I don't have a poem to add...I just wanted to give credit where credit is due...there are so many fine, talented wordsmiths on EP....amazing!!! I loved reading all of them...I can't fathom how you managed to choose a 'Best'

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Limits kill my creative spark.

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yeah, I feel ya

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I am not poet for competition.I am poet of heart.I can write if you want to smile:)

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The perfect example of ad-lib poetry on demand was the mighty Cassius Clay when asked to come up with as short a poem, about himself, as possible. He just pointed at himself and said "Me Qoi" (or whatever the word for yes in French is, but you get the point). Genius!

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