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My grandfather served in both World Wars - first as a boy seaman and then in the Royal Navy on convoy duty. <br />
<br />
I also had a great uncle who died on HMS Hood

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What's hms hood mean?

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HMS means "His Majesties Ship" (or Her if we have a female monarch)
This was a famous incident in the early stages of WWII and may have had repercussions including the fall of Singapore

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My Uncle Tommy was a gifted Artist, but like all the young men back then he enlisted to fight for his Country. He became a pilot and was sent to bomb France on D-Day. His plane was shot down and his body never found, like so many other soldiers on that day. My dad kept all his letters and read them to me when I was a kid. I especially liked a letter he wrote about meeting a movie star at the USO, he was so excited It was Lynda Darnell, a pretty actress of the 40's. I still have some of his oil paintings my Dad left to me. I love telling people about him. His memory and the brave thing he did will never die.

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