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As far as my knowledge takes I would have to say Queen Elizabeth I. She helped heal and improve her country after her sister Mary massacred thousands because of her religious intolerance. Elizabeth actually went into battle for her country during a time when women were considered weak and inferior. Also, she refused to listen to demands of political foes and an old-fashioned, intolerant government who wanted her to marry so she would have heirs, and to marry someone who would take power away from her. She was ahead of her time, and independent woman. (not to mention she supported Shakespeare's plays)

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I personally really like Queen Elizabeth I. She was just awesome lol.

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well we're really spoiled for choice on this one.....

well, queen Vic didn't support the women's suffrage, and I think it was her who supported homosexuality being illegal or something, but not for women as she believed they just wouldn't do something so "disgusting". So she sullies the good name of Queen really......

So i would have to agree with the above answers saying boy george and elton john. But seriously...... liz the first I think, what with the whole armada thing....

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Boudica, The romans killed her husband, gang raped her daughters, beat her to within an inche of her life.

And instead of a nervous breakdown, she has a killing spree.

Or Queen ElizabethII, as she is the only head of state to have served in WWII

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Queen Elizabeth I

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