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Veebz Veebz 22-25, F 1 Answer Dec 4, 2012 in Self Improvement

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I've never done that but I do know that cereal and salad and fruit will get you protein deficiency which will screw you up pretty bad leaving you tired anxious depressed sore in the joints and probably some other bad things as well. Burgers are ok even good for you but you need a good 96 percent lean paddy not the slop they serve in fast food restaurants.

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so what i should really be doing is eating a burger, and imagining its a salad

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Just make sure you build it your self is all don't trust McDonalds to consider your health they would machine gun us all if it would make them a few bucks. Salad is good for you to I just developed a taste for stuff like that and filled my stomach with it leaving no room for protein , now I make burgers that are so big they overlap the bun a little, eat one of those and then have salad or Mellon or an apple but the protein is important it's what gets the job done.

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