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At least until recently, this site seemed more aimed to people out of their teens and was much less clique-filled

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Socian networking sucks period! Nuff said.

I like it here though. It's not the best, but like it better.

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I hate facebook-so puritanical and public-I would much rather be here spilling over the side to all the bottom feeders

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I don't think EP does well as a Social Network; as far as I know, EP isn't a Social Network. If it is, then it falls well short of how it is laid out, members have nothing like a Homepage and there is little freedom to make your Homepage how you want it to be which is a part of the Social Network experience. Other than this, it doesn't have anything like a half-decent blog.

The likes of Multiply, for instances, gives a good indication of a Social Network site; but EP pails into insignificance when compared to it.

Just my opinion, that is :-)


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I don't do Facebook or Myspace as they are not anonymous.

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I do. Real life people suck!

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